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Get deep insights into how your tabletop games are being played so that you can track KPIs and discover ways to further the development of your game.

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5 people played in this game

Tiebreak was used to win the game

Won playing as the Warrior faction

Go beyond sales data

Remove the guesswork when releasing new content for your games. Aftergame gives you access to usage of your games like never before.

Powerful reports to answer any question

Great games are built by those who know their players. Go beneath the surface to learn which features are popular, who your users are, and what keeps people playing your games.

  • What do people think of my game?

    Players record how much they enjoyed a game, and leave feedback at the time of playing.

  • Is my game balanced?

    Access scoring breakdowns and relevant quantitative data points to improve your game.

  • How often are expansions played?

    Find out which of your expansions are played together and which ones are most popular.

  • How long do games last?

    View the average play time, how many people were playing and more.

  • Which role is played the most?

    We track which roles were played so you can view trends and identify what your users like.

  • How often do people play?

    See if your game collects dust on the shelf or if it's a games night favourite.

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