Tabletop Events

Elevate player experience with seamless events and effortless matchmaking

Plan ahead or play it by ear, with Aftergame you enable your event attendees to find their third musketeer so they can play more and have more fun.

Bring people back next year, add your event to Aftergame.

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Events Schedule

Let chaos organise itself

You and the people attending your event can plan games which creates a schedule of games that everyone can see and claim seats in.

Want to play list

Plan the game

Schedule game demos, learn to play sessions, playtests, and more as the event organiser, while also letting your attendees plan games they want to play.

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A unified schedule

An easy to filter schedule showing all the games and events on offer. Each attendee has their own day plan filled in by the events they are attending.

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Claiming a seat

Let the games go ahead with confidence. Securing a spot is easy with push notifications and calendar integrations to keep people on track.

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Coordinate on the go

With the ability to communicate with everyone who claimed a seat, last minute changes can be managed with ease.

A tabletop event scheduling system like no other

Beyond the typical event functionality, Aftergame is packed with features that are specific to the needs of tabletop event organisers and attendees.

  • Share your games library

    Let people know the games you have available so that they know what they can play.

  • Schedule on the big screen

    With a TV mode that shows the schedule of games and claimed seats in realtime.

  • Floor plans as a guide

    Let attendees drop a pin for where to meet so no one gets lost in the busy hall.

  • Host official sessions

    Post a schedule of learn to plays, play testing and more for a seamless way to claim seats.

  • Data report of plays at the event

    Learn which games are played most, players per game, and more to better prepare for next time.

  • Notify gamers nearby

    Spread the word to people in your area and get games planned early to maximise play time.

A smoother event experience

Help your event attendees to find their third musketeer. Reach out today to set up your event.