Empower your community to connect over games

You have the welcoming space. We connect local players wanting to play the same games. Together we grow a hub for people to gather and play the games they love.

Join other early adopters and get in on the ground floor.

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Your space

Tim image

Andy is planning a
game of Wingspan

Josh image

Josh wants to find
a group to join

Anne image

Kelly wants to
play Wingspan

Become the gathering point

Host your own events, or let people self-organise their own games at your friendly space. Aftergame ensures like-minded people find their way to you.

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A ready audience

Players can easily set which games they want to play within the Aftergame app. This is shown to friends as well as people in their communities.

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Be the safe and easy option

Your space comes up as an option when a game is being planned. This gives players a safe place to host an event with people they may not know.

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We let the right people know

Players in the area who want to play this game are given a push notification with all the details. Joining the game is one tap away!

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Never miss a beat

Those in your community (and beyond!) can see all your upcoming events and games planned at your location.

We’re here for the tabletop game communities

There is so much involved in running a great community and space for people to enjoy playing games. Aftergame is built for tabletop gamers by tabletop gamers.

  • Share your games library

    Let people know the games you have available so that they know what they can play.

  • Create your own events

    Spread the word to people in your area and get games planned early for a seamless event.

  • Connect to social media platforms

    Cross-post your events, game library and leaderboards directly to other social channels.

  • Learn more about your community

    Who plays the most, which games are popular, who last played Catan and lost the dice!

  • Encourage a friendly rivalry

    Join inter-community leaderboards to help foster a sense of competition and team spirit.

  • Control your profile

    Add information like your location, description, photos, and code of conduct policies.

  • Discover the games people want

    See the games your members want to play and wishlists so you can stock the right collection.

  • Keep your community up-to-date

    Post updates to keep people informed of any promotions, new games, or just to say hello!

  • ...and much more coming soon!

More games to table

Are you looking to grow your community and get more people connecting over tabletop games? We’d love to chat!