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Last played 3 days ago

21 wins15 losses

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31 VP

Woodland Alliance

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20 VP


Play tracking and statistics, reimagined

We are building the play tracking app for today packed with features made possible by using the latest technologies.

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Jerry Seinfeld
Elaine Benes

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Sending files is a thing of the past. Share plays with real-time scoring updates, all without leaving the app.

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Use tailored, pre-built scoresheets

We research and define every game to save you time and allow any data-points relevant to the specific game you are playing to be recorded.

An image of the board game "Root"



Last played yesterday

33 wins22 losses


80% of the time when you get ’The Longest Road’ you will win the game.

You have never won a game when Cosmo Kramer is playing.

Players are more likely to win with ’The Longest Road’ than ’The Largest Army’, though when players have both they win 95% of the time.


Score breakdown

Access unrivalled analytics and insights

With our standardised data structure, we can go deeper on meaningful statistics and use all plays globally to surface unique insights.

Smart features so you can keep on playing

You don’t want to have to be fumbling around with your phone while you’re playing games, so we made things easy.

  • Import plays with ease

    Bring your past plays with you. Import from other tracking apps, spreadsheets and more!

  • Record what matters to you

    Log a play in just 3 taps! All details are optional for the ultimate personalisation of your plays.

  • Forget about losing your data

    Plays are securely stored in the cloud, meaning no more saving backups or manual syncing.

  • Organise the group

    Choose which games to play, set up leagues and host events with your friends, family, and foes.

  • Offline support

    No internet? No problem! Aftergame works seamlessly online and offline.

  • Fast and intuitive user experience

    Employing the latest technology to offer a fast, accessible, and enjoyable experience.

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